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End of School Year

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Nothing better when you're a kid and the last day of school is approaching.  The school smells different, there is a spring your step the air feels particularly warm- because its summer after all.  But one day that is the most different from all last days of school is that last day, senior year.  

As some of you know, my niece Emily- the inspiration behind what I do, blind since birth- is GRADUATING in June.  Hard to believe, because really she was born just yesterday.  It was yesterday that she said her first word, or as we gathered at every milestone and cheered her on with each accomplishment.  YESTERDAY. I still remember the family rearranging their schedules to ensure we all could attend Emily's kindergarten graduation.  There's our whole immediate family- sobbing.  Ugly crying.  It was bad. Embarrassing to some, but we didn't care. That was just kindergarten, can you imagine us next month?!  I can't even think about it!! She has met every struggle and challenge with strength and courage that makes us all so proud.  

So here's to you, Emily.  You make your Aunt Kelly beyond proud!  I'm sure I can speak for anyone who has crossed your path, you make the world a better place.  Keep up the good work and we are all excited to see your next chapter.


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