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Many people ask me how I ended up making Braille jewelry.  My answer has always been: well, I attended art school and have my Masters in Fine Art in Jewelry Design and my niece was born blind.  I wanted to create something with her name in Braille, figured out the best way to do it (after many trial and errors) and fast forward to today- here I am!

But what many people don't know is why I am an artist in the first place.  Growing up, my mom was the most talented artist ever.  She would draw or paint, I'd find her old sketch books and be in awe.  I would see that and practice drawing ALL THE TIME.  Letters home from my teachers often included that although I was pleasure to have in class, but I was doodling the entire time.  I won the 'Art Award' every year in elementary school.  In Junior high and High School, I lived in the art room- and just knew that art would become my life long passion.  Because that's what Mom did.  I attended Tyler School of Art, Temple University for both undergraduate and graduate classes and later learned that mother was offered a scholarship there but turned it down to start a family.  I am living Mom's dream.

While attending the International AER Conference in TX this past July, my mother passed away.  Thank you for all of your patience during the event, as I'm sure you can understand that my head wasn't fully there- even with the distraction of all you wonderful people.  So this post is to you, Mom.  Thank you for inspiring me to become the artist I am today, you will be missed!


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